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Asukoht: Viru väljak 2, Tallinn 10111, ESTONIA. 

the beginning of our story

" The best problem you can solve is the one you’ve faced "

They’re brother and sister from Estonia. 

In mid-2017 Naz gave a call to his sister Sandra and asked about the fastest way to update documentation in 6 different languages. Everyone, she knows struggled with this issue.
And she knows many people.

It turned out that the alignment technology has been used extensively by translation agencies, but never re-built for the end users.


They refused to stay satisfied with the status quo and started building Aligner
to help people who are almost exactly like themselves.

They found a better way .

Ordering a new piece of translation isn’t complicated.

But it takes weeks to update already existing multilingual content even in 6 languages. With Aligner, it can be done within seconds. 

Aligner is powered by technology at every layer, offering substantial efficiency gains and savings of both time and money.

Clear vision on the way we’ll create content  .

They believe that the translations industry will be dominated by AI.
For businesses, geographical borders are dissolving. The amount of content online is growing fast. People want products that are simple to use. 

Aligner aims to become the leading platform for multilingual content management, where people create, keep and manage content in all languages simultaneously.