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Translate all languages with Aligner

Translation has been never easier than now. In Aligner users can all languages, edit, share simultaneously and work with all languages at once.

Here's how:

First. Go to and use any popular social login to enter the app.

Next. At the top of the page click on New Document.

You can create new content directly in the editor, copy-paste or upload.

Here by clicking "Upload" we upload our .docx file and we will see the content in the editor. Now, let's add Chinese and translate that with Machine Translation.

You can choose any of 100+ supported languages.

And here we have perfectly aligned Machine Translation in Chinese. You can add up any amount of languages.

Let's add Estonian as well. Click on "Add language" and search for language you need, in our case, Estonian.

Now we have Estonian. Keep in mind, all languages will are synchronised between each other and remain with the same styling and alignment.

All languages create collection and you can add as many languages as you like. Click on the languages list on the target language and you will see all of them. Click on language to navigate to it.

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