Translate PDF file in Aligner for free
Translate PDF file in Aligner for free

June 2, 2020

Translate PDF file in Aligner for free

PDF means a portable document format that was developed in the ’90s by Adobe. Key-value of having PDF was to be able to share files without an editor and keep the formatting beautiful.

Aligner now enables adding PDF files, and translating all the extracted text from your document into 140+ languages. Here’s how it works:

Uploading PDF to Aligner

To upload PDF in Aligner, go do editor or “+ New Document” then drag and drop PDF file to the area.

Adding a language

When you have text extracted from PDF file, click on “Translate” and choose Machine Translate. As the next step choose a language you need it to be translated into.

When you’re done with translation use export PDF from Aligner

Export back to PDF if needed. Click on “Actions” and choose “Preview PDF”. Active editing language will appear as a PDF.

Now it’s your turn to upload PDFs and translate them into different languages. In addition to Machine Translation, we provide a pool of freelance translators, so if you need external help, it’s there for you. To see the price quote and delivery time, select “Human Translation” and if all sounds great for you, confirm your order online.

Start translating for free here!