Becoming productive by shifting out from the email.
Becoming productive by shifting out from the email.

April 2, 2020

Becoming productive by shifting out from the email.

One of the biggest time-managment failures is to spend time on writing emails, instead of using specialised easy-to-use software.

People tend to be stuck in communication and information gaps all the time. Today, we work already in real-time collaboration and notification tools like Slack, integrate it with Jira, connect it to Mailchimp. Everything is under control.

But we have an issue when it comes to managing multilingual documentation. Would it be a blog, knowledgebase, support materials or marketing content. We get stuck.

4 reasons why managing multiple languages is difficult

  • you can’t work in a set mode. You can edit only one language and need other people to fix all others
  • keeping in loop all people creates communication gaps
  • updating content means working with multiple files and keeping track change in all of them
  • content can get to managing hundreds of files

Current tools are not sufficient

Some try to build string-like solutions in Google Sheets but it does not work either for non-string content. One of the options: Solving translation with Google Sheets.

3 main problems that Google Sheets can’t handle

  • Style. You can’t style and do preps for the web.
  • Structure. You can’t have different structures for different languages.
  • Does not handle interactive images like bullets, tables and images

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