Aviation technology on a scale
Aviation technology on a scale

April 2, 2020

Aviation technology on a scale

Aviatech using Aligner in Aviation hangars industry

Aviatech manufactures custom-built inflatable structures. Environmentally friendly hangars leave no environmental footprint to surrounding nature after their customers move their facilities. The reinforced PVC materials used in production are fully recyclable and reusable.

They offer comprehensive solutions across different industries, including construction, oil & gas, mining, aviation, and defense. their portfolio counts over 250 successfully executed projects all over the world, covering most terrains and climatic zones.


As the team behind Aviatech provides warehousing facilities for a broad array of industries across the world, they communicate their value proposition in a variety of languages. Their website is in 5 languages and communication with customers even in more languages. Aviatech is active in Europe, Middle-East as well as Asia, and Africa. Well-translated content is an important aspect of the sales process. Aviatech team was looking for a translation tool to maximize the efficiency of the process when working with their multilingual content. 

“I’ve translated 100+ of files in Aligner by using machine translation and very convenient parallel editor. Translating is now an exciting task!”  Berkay Ergintan - Regional Manager

Why and how Aligner is used:

Aligner is used because it helps Aviatech to translate and publish content in English, French and Turkish much faster compared to Google Translate and traditional translation flow. Translating and keeping web content aligned in different languages is now much easier and well-organized.

We keep on discovering new features and Aligner just keeps opening up new opportunities for us.  

Aligner team thanks Aviatech for the collaboration!

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