International journalism with Aligner
International journalism with Aligner

April 2, 2020

International journalism with Aligner

See how Aligner is used in the business media industry leader Äripäev

About Äripäev

Äripäev, owned by the largest media group in the Nordics - Bonnier Group - is the market leader in Estonian business media. They publish three newspapers, online news portals and numerous books as well as organize the largest business conferences in Estonia. The team behind Äripäev consists of the top journalists and the best experts in various fields.


Äripäev creates and delivers time-critical information and news in Estonian, Russian and English languages, every single day. Journalists spend hours of work time on translating and editing articles prior to publishing. For Äripäev the speed and accuracy of translation is an extremely important aspect. Journalists have limited time and budget, often freelance translators are involved. It’s a challenge to manage the translation workflow efficiently within a tight timeframe media industry requires.

Testimonial: “I can translate articles in Aligner and improve my content on the go, just like I need it. With machine learning I expect Aligner to become the best tool in the industry.” Anari Hagel -Startup Industry Facilitator, former Head of the portal in Äripäev

Why and how Aligner is used:

Aligner provides machine translation, that requires less effort to edit and publish. It saves lots of precious time spent on translating articles and news.

We use machine translation, dual editor and collaboration features. Aligner is used on a weekly basis.

Aligner team thanks Äripäev for the collaboration!

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