Multilingual listings in real-estate
Multilingual listings in real-estate

April 1, 2020

Multilingual listings in real-estate

Aligner usage in international real-estate business

About LVM

LVM is among the leading real estate companies in Estonia shaping the future of the industry. Since 1992, more than 30,000 clients have used the services of the LVM. More than 30 real estate brokers passionately work to find new owners for real estate across the region. Based on long-term experience, they support the owner of the property on every step - from determining the appropriate price, managing the sales period until completing the deal. The unique approach is that LVM creates professional well-structured sales materials and listings from which the buyer can find all necessary data about the property in a concise way.


Helping our customers to sell their property in a professional manner, while keeping our team focused on their tasks, instead of arranging translations, copywriting and content management. For LVM the speed and quality of translations of real estate listings and providing information to the potential customers from various nationalities is an important aspect within the sales process. In Estonia alone we serve customers in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish languages.

Real estate agents have a limited budget and often translations are done using existing resources, machine translation tools and help of the colleagues.

Aligner usage results:

Aligner is the fast track to roll out real estate listings and materials in different languages. It’s easy to use and compared to Google Translate we can edit, store and share translated listings right away. Philip Saksing - Accredited Real Estate Broker and Office Manager

Why and how Aligner is used:

Aligner provides a reliable platform we use on a weekly basis to create high-impact listings and sell our customers’ property faster. Translating and keeping real estate listings up-to-date in different languages has never been so efficient and organized. LVM team uses a machine translation engine, dual editor and collaboration features.

Aligner team thanks LVM for the collaboration!

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