New markets daily in Telemedicine
New markets daily in Telemedicine

April 2, 2020

New markets daily in Telemedicine

About Viveo

The future for the healthcare services is Viveo – as they take end-to-end medical care to the next level. Viveo leverages data to provide technology and insights the medical institutions could not deliver before. Viveo’s medical network offers high quality service which is both cost-effective and time saving.

The team behind Viveo is confident that the combination of initial doctor consultation speed, diagnostic capability including AI and quick access to lab tests and specialized doctors will significantly improve a patient’s journey to recovery.


While providing fast, high-quality healthcare for employees of different companies Viveo team arranges communication across different languages – Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, German, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese and Russian languages. Started from Estonia, international expansion became very important very quickly for Viveo together with the need to manage multilingual content in the most efficient way. Going global comes with its hurdles, languages and localisation is one of the main obstacles. Viveo team wants to optimize localization processes and costs on translating content.

Why and how Aligner is used:

Viveo uses human translation, machine translation, dual editor and workflow features to organize their multilingual documents is a more efficient way. Aligner helps to save time spent on translating marketing and web content created by Viveo. As the number of languages is growing, new translations can be added easily and further organized. Aligner is used on a weekly basis.

Aligner team thanks Viveo Health for the collaboration!

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