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Google Docs for localization .

Seamless process of managing languages.

Simple, but smart way to scale your localization flow faster, edit multiple texts more efficiently, and always stay in the loop with your team.



Whether you use machine translation and edit text on your own or order professional human translation, Aligner brings all options in one place.


We're integrated with the world's largest community of professional translators and the best available machine translation engines to help you scale faster.


Getting your texts translated by machine or linguist is usually not enough. In Aligner you can add, remove or improve the wording across all languages on the go.


It saves you plenty of time and keeps your content easy to manage. Switch between languages and edit in a clear parallel view.


Another great feature to get translations done faster. Whenever you need to share your texts with anyone for proofreading or opinion, it's just one click away.


You can even share your text with a beloved translation agency.

Aligner is a SaaS platform built for ease of use and increasing productivity while updating the content across an unlimited amount of languages.

Our technology enables you to upload files in .docx format or paste the content as plain text, add instant machine translations, order professional human translations, edit text simultaneously and share with anyone for proofreading or collaboration.